Arrangements for Church at ORANGE

Full Details:


Church is back on in person this Sunday morning, 10th April, at 9:15am and 11am.

It will be really great to be back together in person and it’s promising to be a special day with baptisms, a talk and song for the kids, morning tea between the services, and then an informal BYO picnic after church at Woodhaugh gardens.

Just to let you know a few precautions we’ll be taking:

• we’ll have as many windows and doors open as we can for ventilation and the heat pumps circulating air.

• Hand sanitiser will be available.

• Also, please don't help yourself to morning tea, but be served by our friendly servers.

• Masks are optional, but you’re very welcome to wear one.

• For those who may be feeling a bit more cautious, at the 11am service for the time being, the area behind the glass doors will be more spaced out, and we’re asking people in that area to wear a mask, please.

• Finally, for those who need to or who’d rather for now tune in from home, the service will be live streamed at 9:15am at our YouTube channel:





Dear Grace Bible Church family,


The latest announcements about the changes to the traffic light system are welcome news. The key changes for church include: the limit on indoor gatherings is now increased to 200 people and vaccine pases will soon be retired (from Monday 4th April).


In light of these changes, we plan to move forward as follows: we will have two more Sundays in our ‘live-stream hubs’, and then on Sunday 10th of April we will return to in-person services at 9:15am and 11am.


It will be great to be back together again and we’ll be able to return to our normal pattern with more or less no restrictions. Grace@7 will continue throughout and from Sunday 10th of April will no longer require a vaccine pass. Since the 10th April is so close to the school holidays, we will resume Kids Church and Junior Youth Bible Study in Term 2 on the 1st of May.


We understand that some of us will take longer than others to feel comfortable gathering in a large group again. The live stream will continue to be available (from the 10th of April it will be at the earlier time of 9:15am), and Grace@7 may provide an opportunity for gathering with a smaller congregation.


There have been and will continue to be individuals and households from our church who need to isolate. It’s been great to see our church working well at offering support and help. Let’s keep that up. And if you’d like to, please get in touch with our pastoral care team on We will pray for you, and where appropriate, we can arrange contact with people from church who are eager and available to help.


To those who have hosted our hubs over, what will be, 10 weeks—thankyou! and we thank God for you. You’ve done a great job and served us well. We encourage everyone to make the most of these last two weeks in our hubs, and please make sure you find an appropriate way to show your thanks to your hosts as they wrap up.


Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.


Grace and peace,

The Elders.


22 Feb 2022 UPDATE

From Sunday 27th February, Grace@7, our evening service, will recommence for the year.

Grace @7 starts at 7pm and a vaccine pass will be required.

We meet at the Leith Bowling Club: 2 Duke Street, North Dunedin.


25 Jan 2022


From Sunday 30th January, at the RED traffic light:

Our Live Streamed worship service will start on Sundays at 10:00am at


We will be gathering in small home-based hubs around the city on Sundays at 10am to join in the live stream together.

• Visitors are most welcome to come to 2 Duke Street (Leith Bowling Club) at 10am. We know it's a strange time, but please do come, we'd love to meet and welcome you!

• Students will be gathering for the live stream at 26 St David Street. In particular, we'd love to invite all new students to the University and Polytech, and their families to connect with us here. Note that a vaccine pass will be required.

• If you would like to gather with others in a home, please email

As the church elders have considered this plan, a number of concerns have been on our hearts:

  1. We want to ensure that we continue to hear the Word of God, and we want to ensure that we continue to have opportunities for fellowship and for prayer as a community. Because the word, prayer, and fellowship are God’s means of grace to sustain and strengthen us.

  2. We want to ensure that no one is excluded and that these means of grace are available to everyone.

  3. We want to ensure that we are open to our community, and that we are able to welcome visitors, especially, at this time of year, new students.

  4. Ideally we’d like a plan that is somewhat resilient against the covid wave that is forecast to come through. We don’t want to have to be making new plans every other week as the situation changes, if we can help it. And we really want to avoid the situation where one person gets infected, and 100 people from church all have to isolate for 2 weeks as close contacts!


Throughout history, and in many places today, the church has often met in homes, and we are hopeful we will enjoy gathering in this way for a season, and the opportunities it gives us for connecting with each other in different ways.


May the Lord continue to sustain us by his grace!